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Lenormand Cards
Card Moving Pages

Our Card Moving Pages of all Lenormand fortune telling cards, which are known to us

The Card Moving Page is a modern tool for working with fortune telling cards.
When you lay out a Spread, normally you are working with it many hours. You can move the cards on this page to that position, like your Spread is and then you can print it out. So you can comfortably work with your Spread in front of the TV, in the train, in the bath, wherever you are.

If you have completed the interpretation of the Spread, write on the sheet of paper some notes about your interpretation - and file it.
After months or years, it is interesting to check how accurate your interpretations was / is. So you can easily check your accuracy yourself!

Choose a deck of your choice and start now!

Lenormand Cards ASS Pictures

ASS Pictures

Astrological Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding
Astrological Lenormand

Lenormand The Blue Owl
The Blue Owl

Lenormand The Red Owl
The Red Owl

Lenormand Carta Mundi
Carta Mundi Lenormand

Lenormand Cards French Cartomancy
French Cartomancy

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