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Schlüssel - is a project of Spart-Bares GbR, Holger Klinzmann , Uta Dittrich

Humboldtstrasse 134, 90459 Nürnberg

Tel.: +49 (911) 89 17 950

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The Domain is property of the company Spart-Bares GbR Holger Klinzmann, Uta Dittrich, Nürnberg.
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All texts, card interpretations, card meanings are intellectual property and copyrighted © of the compamy Spart-Bares GbR. This material is Free and open access for private use.
We do not allow commercial use of our data in any form, not even in part.
Copyright violations are not a peccadillo, and selling copied data as their own works on sale platforms (such as Ebay for example) is illegal and we will continue to be prosecuted without exception.

The installation of our texts and images in private websites or forums will be gladly welcomed if an appropriate copyright notice with a link to is set.

The images and image segments have the copyright of the publisher and may not used without the prior authorization, not even in part:

- Mystic Lenormand: AGMüller, Neuhausen Schweiz

- Blue Owl: AGMüller, Neuhausen Schweiz

- Red Owl: AGMüller, Neuhausen Schweiz

- ASS Pictures: Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH, © ASS Altenburger

- Lenormand French Caromancy: Lo Scarabeo, Italien

- Lenormand Oracle Cards: Lo Scarabeo, Italien

- Piatnik: Piatnik, Wien

- Quintessenz: AGMüller, Neuhausen Schweiz

- Gipsy Lenormand: AGMüller, Neuhausen Schweiz

- Lenormand Carta Mundi: Carta Mundi - © AGM AGMüller Urania Neuhausen/Schweiz

- Isabels Dream: Gabriele Büttner, © Büttner-Verlag GbR

- Lenormand Astrological Cards: Hildegard Leiding, Verlag Weiße Reihe, Darmstadt

Links / Linking from our Website:
With direct or indirect references to other Web sites ( "links"), outside the area of responsibility of the site operator, would be a liability in the case only come into force, in which the operator side of the contents of knowledge, and it is technically possible and reasonable would be the use in the case of illegal content.
The site operators hereby expressly states that at the time the link, the relevant pages free of illegal content. On the current and future design, content or copyright of the linked pages, the site operators have no influence. They therefore dissociates itself from the contents of all linked pages, which changed after the link. This applies to all of your own Internet boards. For illegal, inaccurate or incomplete content, and especially for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such information solely liable with the owner of the site, referred to, and not those who have left to the respective publication.


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